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Base Packages


Our goal is to provide a beautifully designed van that fits your individual needs. The Townsend Vans Base Packages serve as the foundation to build on. Choose your Interior and then add on your component features to create your perfect adventure van that’s as unique as you are. 



Each Base Package includes:

base pacakges icons-01.png
base pacakges icons-02.png
base pacakges icons-03.png
base pacakges icons-04.png
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 Interior Options


Fabric Interior Options

Vans Interiors_Fabric Fabric.png

Fabric Walls and Ceiling

Vans Interiors_Fabric White.png

Fabric Walls with White Ceiling


Premium Interior Options

Vans Interiors_White White.png

Modern White Walls and Ceiling

Vans Interiors_Pine.png

Premium Western White Cedar with White Aluminum Ceiling

Vans Interiors_Reclaimed Wood.png

Reclaimed Wood with White Aluminum Ceiling


Click icons to browse our Add-on Components

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