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Your Townsend Van

Purchasing the van and the interior from Townsend

Once we have picked out your vehicle we will place the order with Mercedes and have it delivered to our facility. To get the process started we require $1,000 deposit.

Please note: you may be required to make a deposit with Mercedes at the time the initial order is placed for your vehicle chassis.

If you already own a Sprinter van

If you already own a van than the process is a bit different. Because all Townsend's interior components are built outside of your vehicle, and installed upon completion, we do not need your vehicle immediately to start production. Actual production time at our facility is 2 - 4 weeks and our typical lead times are 2 - 6 months. E.g. If you contracted with Townsend May 1st and the total production time was 5 months. We would take delivery of your van September 1st. With the installation production being 2 - 4 weeks you would receive your completed van by mid to late September. This allows you to use your vehicle in the interim while waiting for your production date. To get the process started we require a $1,000 deposit.  

Once we receive your deposit we will work with you to go over the options and make sure you are getting everything out of your vehicle and budget.